Personal Fitness Training

Believe in Steve approach to fitness:

1) Strength/resistance training- a proven method of changing and reshaping the body; it also boosts the bodys fat-burning abilities while improving joint health. I include strength traing in my clients routines by using free weights, machines, and resistance bands. I believe in strengthening the entire body.

2) Cardio- this improves the fuction of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. A good cardio program will increase the amount of oxygen used by the body resulting in more calories burned. This leads to an increase in energy and endurance and a decrease in stress and body fat. After achieveing a basic level of cardio conditioning, I teach my clients interval training. This is a specific method of cardio training that is more challeging but more efficient at improving fat burning; it also saves time and prevents my clients from getting bored with cardio.

3) Eating Awareness- no diets!!!! You need to know the right types of foods to eat and how to balance them properly. Eating can help your body build muscle and burn fat.

4) Progression - you must challenge the body by gradually working harder and harder. Pushing the same amoun of weights and walking or running the same distance will cause you to plateau.

5) Consistency

Fitness Training For You

I work with my clients on a daily or weekly basis depending on the schedule they prefer.
The Fitness center that I train at is Performance Private Training (PPT). This gym does not require a membership, you pay only for the training you choose.

9385 Gerwig Lane units A & B
Columbia, MD 21046

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