I have been working with Steve as my personal trainer for almost a year.  My goal was very specific… improve my strength in core areas to help improve my rowing.  I’ve been very impressed with the level of background work Steve did in improving his understanding of rowing and the primary muscles used as well as how receptive he is to feedback from me and my rowing coaches. 

Beyond that I’ve been impressed with Steve’s attention to details and safety while at the same time providing subtle but effective encouragement and motivation. 

I’ve notice improvement in my rowing this year thanks in part to what Steve has helped me improve on.

-Joe Jones

I can’t believe I let myself gain 80 pounds! I was overworked and busy helping everyone but me. I saw this picture and decided it was time once and for all. That’s when I found a great trainer. Steve was the key to accelerating fat loss and really adding the muscle I needed. He is very knowledgeable about designing and changing up routines so you don’t get bored and get the best results.

He has the perfect personality to be supportive, yet knows just when to push you to the next level. He also combines training with nutrition advice.

I couldn’t do one without the other, and it made a dramatic difference to have coaching on both. If you want to completely transform yourself and get in shape once and for all, give Steve a call.

- Susan B.

howard county personal fitness trainer
Stephen Smith has been my personal trainer since September, 2008. As an overweight, over 55 woman who had back surgery in 1992 and had both of her hips replaced due to arthritis, exercise is not on my list of favorite things, but it is on my list of necessary activities.

Although I took almost every kind of dance lesson as a young person and used to ride horses even into my early 20s, my real “sport” when I was growing up was reading. My career as a lawyer results in my having a very sedentary lifestyle.

If not for Steve, my only exercise would be lifting my briefcase, the laundry basket or a 20 pound turkey from the oven. Steve really urges me to strive to increase my flexibility, endurance and strength. Although he pushes me to achieve greater heights, he never forces me to perform any exercise which might cause me injury or exacerbate my usual litany of aches and pains. Aware of my limitations and restrictions, Steve just encourages me to be the best and do the best that I can. I actually feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a training session - that I have exercised and not passed out or required CPR. As a bonus, I enjoy each session and have fun.

- Brenda F.

howard county personal fitness trainer

Only July 7, 2007 I sustained a compounded fracture in my right leg, breaking both the tibia and fibula. At the time I was on the UMBC Swimming and Diving Team. I was referred to Steve at PPT and he helped me get back the strength in my right leg and in doing so, compete in the following season. Since then my legs have become far stronger than they had been and I have stayed with Steve as he constantly provides me with new and challenging workouts for my entire body.

As a current student and client, I would recommend Steve to anyone of any age looking to stay in or get in shape.

- Josh N.

howard county personal fitness trainer


Fitness Training For You

I work with my clients on a daily or weekly basis depending on the schedule they prefer.
The Fitness center that I train at is Performance Private Training (PPT). This gym does not require a membership, you pay only for the training you choose.

9385 Gerwig Lane units A & B
Columbia, MD 21046

Email Steve at stephensmithpt@yahoo.com